Tuesday, April 22, 2014

YouTube Insight

YouTube Insight is an analytics tool that enables you to view detailed statistics about the videos you upload.

With YouTube Insights, you can view data that tracks:
  • Popularity and Number of Views
  • Demographics
  • Community Engagement
  • Discovery
  • Audience Attention
Did you know that you can pay to promote your videos using YouTube's "Promoted Videos" feature?
Find out more at: https://ads.youtube.com/

Editorial guidelines for YouTube ads can be found here.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights allow any admin of an official Facebook page to learn more about fans and followers including demographics and engagement patterns.

The social media giant recently overhauled and expanded this important metrics platform to include richer and enhanced data streams that provide better insight to your Facebook followers.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Take-Home Exam - Due May 5

The following is your one and only exam for the semester!! Please complete and email me your responses no later than midnight at the end of Monday, May 5.

There are only two written response questions on this exam (both valued equally in scoring).

1. For this question, you will first need to identify and select any current web-based advertising or PR promotion for a national brand or organization that uses multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Then, once you've made your selection, give a brief (minimum 3-5 paragraphs) analysis and critique (good or bad) of this campaign. Be sure to cite specific examples, if appropriate, of how the campaign aligns to some of the guidelines and "best practices" cited in class and/or in our readings.

Please do NOT use an existing example cited on this blog or in the book.

Things to consider:
  • How effective do you think it is at reaching its intended target audience?
  • Are they engaging in a one-way or two-way conversation? How?
  • How would you characterize the general voice/tone in their messaging?
  • What data might they use to quantitatively or qualitatively determine if the campaign was a success? Are there any publicly-available resources that might tell you how well the campaign is doing? If so, what did you find?
  • Is the campaign optimized for search engine and social media discovery? How?
  • Does the campaign have the potential to go viral? Why or why not?

2. We've talked quite a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even Social Media Optimization (SMO). Thinking about your semester-long project and website campaign,  please share your thoughts on specific strategies that you and/or your team used (or should have used) to improve its organic search rankings in Google and other search engines -- as well as your social media presence on Facebook and/or other outlets. If there is relevant data from any of your campaign tracking tools (e.g. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, etc.) then you may use it in your response.
  • How is your team's campaign site or social media presence doing in organic search on Google? (Does it show up at all?)
  • What, if any, specific techniques and tactics did your team use?
  • What other things might you do to help with your search engine optimization and presence?
  • Please provide specific examples that are applicable to your team's project.
That's it! Please email your responses to your instructor (Brett Atwood at batwood@wsu.edu or Robert Richardson at rkrichardson@wsu.edu) no later than midnight at the end of Monday, May 5.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WEEKS 13 & 14: Learning Google Analytics & Facebook Insights


For the final weeks of the semester, we will:
  • Learn about website analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) that enable better understanding of site/campaign traffic, referral and behavior patterns.
  • Learn about social media analytics tools, such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and YouTube Insight.
  • A take-home final exam will be published on the class blog on Monday, April 21 - but it won't be due until midnight at the end of Monday, May 5.
  • Continue to work on your Social Media Marketing Plan, due Monday, April 28.
  • Continue to post Facebook and Twitter updates frequently (several times a week) and attempt to build a larger follower/fan count by outreach to friends and family, as well as activity on like-minded social media pages. 
  • Optimize your Wix-created website for mobile devices using the mobile editor built into the Wix.com edit tool. Your final campaign site will be evaluated for how it appears on both desktop and mobile devices beginning Monday, April 28. 
  • Mon., April 28 - Social Media Marketing Plan and final campaign website due
  • Mon., May 5 - Final Exam Due Electronically (emailed to instructor)

Understanding Google Analytics

Would you like to know more about the Web traffic click-through patterns and keyword referrals on your site? Google Analytics is a free Web-based tool that will give you rich data on how people interact with your Web site content.

Visit Google Analytics to learn more.

With Google Analytics, you can even get "real time" reports of what is happening on your website:


In addition, you can track the following type of website activities:




NOTE: For Wix.com accounts, you must upgrade to a paid account with a unique vanity domain name in order to connect Google Analytics tracking to your webpage. A free alternative that does work with Wix.com is StatCounter.

Additional Resources:

There are several online resources that you can help you better understand and analyze the data that you get from the various Web analytics services.