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Monetizing with Google AdSense


As the semester comes close to ending, many students may find interest in the topic of monetizing their content. This means that you can potentially make money from the work that you create!

Google AdSense enables content creators to monetize their sites via displayed ads. So, if you are a content creator or publisher, you would likely want to participate in the AdSense program to make some money!

To get started, you need to first have a Google AdSense account.

To learn more about Google AdSense, visit the Academy for Ads help pages or watch the various tutorial videos provided by Google. 


For Blogger:

If you have a Blogger account, getting set up with AdSense is easy. Here are the instructions:
For Wix:

If you have a Wix site, you can set up AdSense using these instructions:
For Weebly:

If you have a Weebly site, you can set up AdSense using these instructions:

For Wordpress:

If you have a Wordpress account, watch this video to learn how to connect AdSense to it:


For Tumblr:

For Tumblr blogs, you can add AdSense using the instructions in this video:



Many journalists and content creators have websites that include advertising that originates from one of several ad networks. However, managing multiple competing ad networks might get complicated quickly. Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers) helps you centralize and manage the inventory of ads originating from the various competing ad networks so that you get the most value out of your advertising. It can also be used for scheduling, reporting and targeting of your various ad opportunities.

You can learn even more about Google Ad Manager at the Google Skillshop.


For an overview on how ad serving works, please watch the video below. (Note: I recommend watching only the first 3 minutes as the last minute is an ad for a specific service).

Examples of ad networks that work with Google Ad Manager include:

Additional Resources: