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COMSTRAT 310 Syllabus - Spring 2020

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Social Media Marketing: The Movie and Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

Please watch the following 45-minute presentation "Social Media Marketing: The Movie."

This short film, created in 2018 by digital marketing agency Ignite Visibility, includes interviews from several key industry experts and influencers and offers practical tips and strategies for social media marketing. This information can be used for crafting your own social media marketing strategy in our semester-long class project.

While not required, I am also including another suggested video from acclaimed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. His presentation aims to inspire emerging social media marketers with his own unique take on the qualities necessary to succeed in the current media landscape.

Fair warning: Gary V. loves to drop explicit language throughout this presentation, so you'll hear plenty of F-bombs scattered throughout this unique presentation. Also, be warned that the lead up to the section on social media and content strategy is a bit long but the opening 20 minutes serves to add context to the remainder of the presentation.