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Creating a Survey using CrowdSignal

LEARNING CrowdSignal

A great survey tool is CrowdSignal.com (formerly known as PollDaddy).  Use CrowdSignal for surveys or polls that include images. For example, you can use it to test logos for your brand.
Learn more about how to use CrowdSignal at the following link:
Note: If you are an existing Wordpress user, you can use your Wordpress username/login info to "link" your account to CrowdSignal. If not, you will be asked to create a new Wordpress login in order to sign up for the free CrowdSignal service (which is owned by the same company).

  • Use an online survey tool to create a seven-question survey that aims to test the value propositions and sentiments associated with each brand name. You can also use this tool to "test" what attributes and qualities people associate with each of your proposed logo designs.
  • Once the survey is created, you should share it with your friends via Facebook or email. Each student should attempt to gather at least 20 responses from friends and family to your survey. (NOTE: Due to the limitations of this course, this is NOT meant to be a scientific survey. In the "real world," you would identify and/or even purchase a targeted survey response list to get a larger and more accurate response rate).