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COMSTRAT 310 Syllabus - Spring 2018

COMSTRAT 310 - DIGITAL CONTENT PROMOTION (3 CREDITS) Instructor:  Brett Atwood                                EMAIL:    batwood@wsu.ed...

Ten Tweets Project

What will your ten first "Tweets" be on Twitter?

Using Google Documents, collaborate with your team to identify a strategy for the timing and content of your first 10 "Tweets."

Things to consider:
  • How will you use Twitter?
  • Will you use a "hard sell" vs. "soft sell"?
  • How often should you Tweet?
  • Are there other brands or influencers you should follow?
  • How is your brand messaging represented in the Tweets that you use?
  • What is the voice/tone that you should use?

Since every character on your Tweet is precious, many people turn to "link shorteners" (such as bit.ly) to help them truncate a longer website link into a shorter URL.

Note that Twitter automatically includes link shortening via its own t.co service -- but external link shorteners are also frequently used as they may offer enhanced services, such as website link tracking to provide useful data on "who clicked" your link.