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COMSTRAT 310 Syllabus - Spring 2018

COMSTRAT 310 - DIGITAL CONTENT PROMOTION (3 CREDITS) Instructor:  Brett Atwood                                EMAIL:    batwood@wsu.ed...

ONLINE LECTURE: Creating a Survey/Learning PollDaddy

The following audio file contains an overview of this week's lesson. If the audio file does not play, you can access it directly at this link.

Creating a Survey/Learning Polldaddy

Polldaddy logo Last week, we created proposed brand names and (in some cases) logos. This week, we will use these elements to help construct a survey that will provide feedback on which brand name and/or logo to pursue.

To begin, you will need to use Polldaddy.com to create a seven-question survey that aims to test the value propositions and sentiments associated with each brand name. You can also use this tool to "test" what attributes and qualities people associate with each of your proposed logo designs.
Polldaddy.com supports the creation of surveys or polls that include images. Thus, you can use it to test logos for your brand. An example of a mini-survey I created to test  potential names and logo treatments is at the link below:

Video not working? You can also find it directly at this link.

Learn more about how to use Polldaddy at the following link:
Note: If you are an existing Wordpress user, you can use your Wordpress username/login info to "link" your account to Polldaddy. If not, you will be asked to create a new Wordpress login in order to sign up for the free Polldaddy service (which is owned by the same company).

Project Management Software - Introducing Trello

Stay organized as a team using Trello, a free web-based service that allows you to organize and prioritize your campaign elements as a team.
Use Trello to create your content development and social media promotion calendar as a team. Assign tasks and track progress on current content productions. You can create neatly organized "cards" for each task. Move your card to a new column to reflect the production status.

If the above video does not load, you can access it directly via this link.

Video not playing? You can also access it at this link.

Get started at Trello.com.